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Love: Janie Isidoro

Love has such a taboo over it. It drives me nuts when people belittle that important emotion. I am an author and my writing is all about love. Let me tell you why it’s so important.

I was raised by my grandparents and they did their absolute best in showing us how much they loved us. But no matter how much they tried all I wanted was my parents love. Mi papa had started a whole new family and my mom was busy looking for her own love she felt she lacked.

I was hurt. Which made me guarded and mean. I had a wall up and no one could get through. I failed in school, I couldn’t seem to grasp my reality.

One day i met someone. He was funny, handsome, wicked, and crazy. Everything I had always wanted to be. When he tried to talk to me I didn’t respond, when he invited me out I ignored his words. But for whatever reason he had peaked my interest. I didn’t say one word to him and he would constantly make fun of me, poke at me do anything in his power to get something out of me. Then one day it worked. It only took him 5 months! I wanted to know why he tried so hard to talk to me and get my attention when he could have anybody’s?

We went out and out of nowhere I poured my soul out. I told him how much pain I had in my heart for my papa not telling me hi when he would see me in the streets. I couldn’t understand how he had forgotten about me? I cried and told him how my mom was so worried about men that she wouldn’t spend time with me and would leave for weeks on end. My heart was so beat up by what they had done and continued to do. I was mad as hell!

He sat next to me not saying a word. He never looked away from me either. His yellowish eyes were fixated on me. I talked for hours. He listened. That day we, well i spoke till six in the morning. I had never in my life told anyone all the things I had just told him.

That was 20 years ago. I wake up to the love of my life every single morning. We have three hermosos that rule our world.

He saved me from myself. He taught me how to love myself, my words and my thoughts. He empowered me to be the person I am today. I am an educated, strong, loving woman, wife and mama because of the amazing man I have next to me.

Love, love with all you got. Even if it’s for a minute, a month or 20 years. Don’t be afraid of letting your heart feel and embracing whatever comes with it.


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