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Adrian Zavala: Artist, Creative Director

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m a maker and love creating, born and raised in Mexico City. I started painting oils when I was 10.

I work as a creative at an advertising company in Chicago and do art any free time I’ve got.

Tell me something interesting about yourself (fun fact!).

I like to make impressions of artists and some characters.

How did you first get into art? How did you make it part of your career?

My Kinder garden teacher told my mom I was a good drawer and my mom took me to take classes, that was the star and I never quit.

What is it you love most about it?

Painting is something you crave, you need, I love the attraction that art has for some people.

Does being Hispanic influence your art at all? How?

I think growing up in Mexico made me appreciate my culture, especially color and texture. That influenced the way I do art.

Who/what has inspired you the most in what you do?

Every artist, every art piece, every piece of beauty I see every day influences me and inspires me to sit down and paint.

What’s your process like? (Take me through your artistic process).

Ideas come from nowhere and from everywhere, and when one comes, I start making sketches. Once I like one, I use collage to make a more detailed sketch that I use as a guide for the painting. Digital painting has a similar process, but the final tool is the tablet.

Favorite artist?

Francis Bacon.

Any words of wisdom for young artists? Tips?

I don’t have much wisdom for other artists, but something I believe is that you should never stop, regardless of the outcome, you should not stop doing art.

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