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Andres Casallas: Photographer

Tell me a little bit about yourself (Introduce yourself).

I am a Colombian Wedding and Fine art photographer based in Orlando Florida. In my spare time I love nothing more than doing creative portraits with my girlfriend or doing brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Tell me something interesting about yourself.

I didn't see myself ever photographing weddings and fine art portraits since I started my photography roots started in fitness. It wasn't until, recently that I found creative portraits as a way to express myself.

How did you get into photography?

I was in a job I wasn't enjoying at all so in my spare time I grabbed my camera and photographed my teammates in the gym. Little by little I got consumed with wanting to learn more about photography. I eventually quit my job to photography school portraits and continued to look for different events or occasions to see where I fit most.

What is it you love most about it?

Lately, I been thinking a lot about what it is that I love about photography. I realized that what I love the most about it makes me feel like an artist. I get to manipulate light and create any mood that fits the scene.

Does being Hispanic influence your work at all?

Let's be honest, not much. my work is more influence for my love of light.

Who/what has inspired you the most in what you do?

The people who have inspired me in my photography career have been Lindsey Adler, with her creative views on lighting, Joel Grimes, and his thought process being lighting and Susan Stripling for the creative perspective.

What’s your process like?

We usually have about 3 stages in our process. Between the light set up and the makeup application, we start with a simple base for each. Then we continue to add more levels of each element to create an elaborate photo series by stage 3 of the photo session.

What’s your favorite thing to photograph?

My favorite thing to photograph is creative portraits. I love linking up with Makeup artists and helping them bring their visions to life.

Any words of wisdom for young photographers?

Take your time and learn to light. What will take you hours editing on the computer will take you minutes during the shoot.

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