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Barbara Vera: Venezuelan Art Director & Photographer

Tell me a little bit about yourself (Introduce yourself).

My name is Barbara Vera and I am from Venezuela.

I am an art director and graphic designer who loves photography, and I'm driven by thirst for knowledge.

My curious personality constantly makes me get out of my comfort zone. I love learning new things, especially when it involves taking risks.

Tell me something interesting about yourself.

  • I understand jokes 10 or 30 seconds later

  • I laugh a lot, but a lot, like a free spirit

  • I get bored easily, so I always try to outdo myself

  • I like people with good sense of humor

  • I’m crazy about sports and outdoor activities

  • I think dancing is never a bad idea

  • I've always wanted to have a little white tiger

  • I could eat pizzas all day and every day, but I take care of my body, so I leave it only for Sundays

How did you get into photography?

I think I was around 13 or 14 years old. My family sent me to summer camp and I would bring my film camera with me to every place that I visited. So, when I came back, I would have 15 films with me. Every time my mom got so mad at me because developing photography was really expensive back then.

Then, on my last year of my bachelor’s degree, I started studying photography. It was in my city, in a small school called “Strobo”. My Teacher was really passionate about photography, so I fell more in love with it.

What is it you love most about it?

I am more into natural light photography. So, I do everything around it. I love the natural sunlight and the different shapes it creates.

But, I don’t really think that when I am out taking pictures. I just do it.

Does being Hispanic influence your work at all?

I think so. I left my country alone, when I was young, I had lived in many different countries and cities, and that had an impact on the way I see the world. Maybe it's not just about being Hispanic, it's the fact that I consider myself from everywhere and nowhere.

Who/what has inspired you the most in what you do?

I love visiting museums and getting inspired from different kind of arts. But to being more specific, I always like to see photography from different big photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson.

What’s your process like?

Just going out and shoot. Something I get good photos, and somethings I don’t. But what helps me is that I never check my pictures right away. I let my photos rest on my camera or phone like 2 weeks or 1 month, so most of the time the pictures that people see on my VSCO, Behance, or Instagram, are old pictures already.

Any words of wisdom for young photographers?

  • Train your eye looking at photography, but not on instagram, on places like Magnum Photo for example

  • Let your photos rest, so you can take a look of them with a different eye later

  • Show your work on the internet. What you shoot maybe it is common for the people who live in your country or city, but not for people who live in other part of the world

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