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Gabriel Ferrer: Writer

Gabriel Ferrer is an award-winning writer raised on croquetas, tajadas and McNuggets like a true Cuban-Nicaraguan-American. He’s worked in advertising for over 10 years while managing to chase other passions like his brand Mango Galaxy, making travel films and writing screenplays that will someday make it to a screen near you.

Hecho En

As in Made In

Places simply amazing

Full of people with braised skin

Abrazos when embracing

Now that’s worth celebrating

Hecho En

As in Made In

Countries built by the brave men

Walking trails that were blazing

Leaving huellas in pavement

So we could do the same thing

Hecho En

As in Made In

Cultures so entertaining

Chismosas always debating

Parties for every occasion

No sleep til the parade ends

Hecho En

As in Made in

Where the sun lets its rays in

Shining light on creation

Our tierra bonita is a painting

What a place to be raised in

Hecho En

As in Made In

But we don’t need translating

Sabemos de que somos hecho

Lo sentimos en el pecho

Pa’ nosotros no hay techo

Asi que a comer. Buen provecho.

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