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Hecho En Volume II

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

It's here once again and it's better than ever. Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on our first magazine and to all those badass creatives who participated in this one. We've improved tenfold and we've gone from 60 pages to 95, making it more of an artist book than anything. In here you'll find artist showcases, interviews, and content by 18 creators, who are what make this magazine worth it.

When you buy this magazine, not only will you be supporting Hispanic makers and creators, but you'll also be helping a good cause. We'll be donating a portion of proceeds from each magazine to the NAACP, as we stand in support against racism with our fellow people of color.

So thank you to those that support us and thanks to those creators who participated:

Adrian Zavala, Alberto Calva, Alejandra Vidal, Los Calienta Bancas, Ariel Amoroso, Eddie Seiglie, Gabriela Laguna, Janis Nunez, Leslie Osorno & Valeria Laguna, Fro Rojas, Topo, Carla Urdaneta, Barbara Vera, Andres Casallas, Harold Demoya, Virgilio Flores, Nerea Arce Masnú, and Andrea Merinsky.

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