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Hecho En Volume II Issue I

We always say our latest edition is better than ever, but this time we mean it! With over 100 pages full of Latinx creatives doing amazing things, this edition includes creatives from artists, chefs, musicians, and much more.

And when you buy this magazine, not only will you be supporting Hispanic makers and creators, but you'll also be helping a good cause. We'll be donating a portion of proceeds from each magazine to the ACLU, as we stand in support of human rights and opportunities for every group here in the US.

So thank you to those that support us and thanks to those creators who participated:

Oliver Ehmig, Ana E. Lara, Daniel Andres Blanco, Pablo Medina, Media Noche, Jess Bruzzaniti, David Tanredi, Felix Avila, Gabriella Serrallés, Jayson Solano, Juana Everett, Revost, Richie Bart, Kaleidoscopes, Nicole Cure, Eddy N, Ariel Amoroso, Virgilio Flores.

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