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Media Noche: Podcast, Music, Fun

Can you please introduce yourselves?

J: I’m Juliette! First generation Cuban-American, born and raised in Hialeah — Agua, Fango, y Factoria. As my mother would say, soy “Musica, poeta, y loca.” As a kid I was passionate about music, theatre, and writing — which translated into me becoming a DJ, Journalist, and more recently… a YouTuber/Podcast Host. I’m the only Cuban who doesn’t like bananas and I am obsessed with my dog Simba.

N: Hola I’m Nelly, like the rapper but I don’t rap. I was born in Havana, Cuba y vine pal Yuma when I was 1 and a half. I like to talk, a lot. You can almost always find me center stage at a get together sin parar de hablar. Cuban food is my weakness, and I strongly believe raisins don’t belong in picadillo.

Can you introduce me to Media Noche?

Media Noche is a series of unfiltered conversations between two Cubanitas. As two strong and opinionated ladies, we repeatedly find ourselves in interesting rabbit holes stemmed from random conversations. As adventurous souls, our outings never fail to have a memorable story. Our concept is unapologetic storytelling! We created Media Noche as an outlet to unwind, laugh, and not take ourselves so seriously.

How did Media Noche start?

J: We started Media Noche this year, but the mother brand Moonset, has been around longer. As a huge fan of the music scene, I started a music blog called Moonset Records in 2015. Once Moonset grew and transformed from blog to event, and essentially a brand focused on expanding the independent music and creative community, I decided my talented and badass best friends — Gisselle Gema, Nelly, and Eve Lan — needed to be a part of this passion project.

N: As longtime friends with unique chemistry, we spoke about starting a YouTube channel since our high school dance team days. Juliette was too shy to be on camera, but I was all “Lights, Camera, Action!”

J: I noticed that podcasting was an up-and-coming outlet that would eventually boom, I didn’t have to show my face, and I already had most of the equipment so I convinced Nelly to start a podcast instead of a YouTube channel.

N: And I convinced her to film the episode just in case.

J: And I told you there was no way we were sharing it with the world… but long story short, I ripped off the bandage and we released the episode on YouTube. No regrets. It has been freeing not to take myself so seriously. The ongoing support we have received after I took the IDGAF pill has almost been a cure to my anxiety.

Where is the name from?

Here was our thought process… Media Noche is a Cuban sandwich —> We are Cuban —> Media Noche translates to Midnight —> Most of our adventures will be related to nightlife. BOOM… Media Noche.

How do you pick what each episode is about?

Each episode is a new adventure that we share with our audience. Before the pandemic we’d simply choose a unique place to visit and assign an episode to each location. However, after COVID adventures took on a new meaning so we started exploring other narratives like interviewing fellow Miami Creatives, investigating movements like #FreeBritney, or we play around with different topics and challenges based on our interests and current trends.

What is the process like for creating a podcast episode?

Since we met, over a decade ago, our go-to spot has always been Amelia Earhart Park near our high school in Hialeah. It’s where a mindless rant birthed the concept of Media Noche — so it’s become a tradition to hold our brainstorming sessions there. Once we come up with an episode idea we go back to our home studio and record, then the most time-consuming part begins — creating content and promoting the episode.

What’s the hardest part of doing the podcast?

N: Editing and social media. Me encanta pero me saca la vida. 13 hour editing and posting days are no joke.

J: The word rendering still gives me traumatic flashbacks LOL. I’ve spent more hours editing on Premiere than actually recording the episodes, but I’d say the hardest part is getting our schedules in sync in order to meet, record, and push the episodes.

What’s your favorite part?

J: Our studio is super cozy so I love sitting with my best friend, a glass of wine or white claw in hand, and just speaking our minds. It’s like a therapy session, except we leave crazier than we arrived.

N: Getting to do something I love with my best friend while having an outlet to share a piece of my life with the world. Oh yeah and Fan Mail… and by fan mail I mean DMs LOL.

What has been your favorite episode?

N: The Hot Ones challenge. Todavía me siento las boca ardiendo.

J: Our first episode! We woke up at 5 AM and headed to Club Space to watch the sunrise while listening to magical tunes. I truly miss those kinds of adventures.

Where do you hope this will lead you?

N: Que me haga famosa, duh. No but really, I’ve always had a passion for telling stories and being in front of the camera and taking the step of creating this podcast is undoubtedly putting me a step closer.

J: As a jack of all trades I have no idea where I want this to lead me. Even if it doesn’t help me advance in my career path, it fulfills me and it’s given me the greatest gift… the ability to put myself out there without fear of judgment. We are all just kids in adult bodies trying to find our place in the world.

How does being Hispanic influence your podcast?

Being Hispanic has influenced our entire podcast. From speaking Spanglish, to referencing Cuban dichos, and our shared experience of being raised within the Cuban culture in America. Feeling 100% Hispanic and 100% American. We embrace our Latinidad.

Any words of inspiration for people doing projects like yours?

N: Like DJ Khaled said: “It’s a cold world, bundle up.” LOL No on the reel, as corny as it sounds, DON’T GIVE UP. The long nights, the mistakes, they’re all part of the journey. Sigue pa’ lante.

J: If you wait until you’re ready to start, you’ll never start. Surround yourself with a solid support system of amazing friends and family and JUST DO IT!

Anything else you’d like to share?

J: Text us, let’s chat! (305) 306-3192.

N: Listen to our podcast mmmmkay.

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